Proper 17A – Jeremiah 15

Proper 17A Jeremiah

I am fortunate to have my art space in a community where we have a space where people put materials they don’t want anymore (Freecycle). I love taking them and trying to make something new out of them. This piece includes a donated 4×4 canvas and cotton rag paper.

When I first painted the canvas I wasn’t planning on experimenting but ended up doing so. I applied Liquitex Basics in bronze to the gessoed canvas and meant to smooth out the paint with a brayer but ended up removing the excess. So I applied Liquitex Acrylic Ink in copper with my fingertip and rubbed in circles to keep from creating lines. Finally, I used a cosmetic cotton tip to add Golden Fluid Acrylic in a dark brown.

I painted the cotton rag paper with a couple of red fluid acrylics. The randomness of the paint seeping into the paper just makes it more interesting than if I had painted on a plain paper. The fibers provide a texture that a friend described as otherworldly. I usually scan the paper when I’m done so I can print and use later. But the paper is slightly opaque so the canvas weave actually shows through a bit.

The lettering was done with Derwent Inktense in China Black.


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