The Potter (Advent1 B)

I enter my third cycle of “being” with the Revised Common Lectionary this week and I’m being more “artistic.” Here’s my first extremely short reflective story:

The potter sat at her wheel pumping her right foot up and down so the wheel would turn with a mound of hard clay in the middle.

She leaned to her right and dipped her hand into a bucket of water, then rubbed her left hand. Leaning over again she cupped her hand and dribbled the muddied water over the mound of clay. Then she pushed down on the clay and watched it get shorter and flatter. She dribbled another handful of water or slip onto the mound and then wrapped her hands around the base of the clay mound and squeezed in while watching the mound become taller and narrower.

She did this a few more times until the clay was easy to work with. Then she wrapped her fingers around the top with the thumbs of her hands together and pushed evenly into the center to open up a hole. She kept the clay moist as she pulled the sides higher and shaped the vase.

In Isaiah 64:1-9 we read that God is the potter and we are the clay. We are a lump of material that has been shaped into something beautiful by God. But we often think that God has abandoned us when we don’t see or feel like God has performed a great miracle lately. In our fear of abandonment we may actually abandon God through sins.

We forget that God is always present and reaching out to us – sending out angels and prophets and Jesus – to bring us back to the kind of love that God offers and wants us to offer others.

We are more than clay because we’ve been shaped by God, are enriched by Jesus and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

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