Feet of the Messenger (Christmas II)

Picking passages for Christmas is a little difficult because they aren’t designated for the liturgical year and the United Methodist Church Book of Worship suggests using number 3, so I began writing with Isaiah 52:7-10 this week while at Camp Casowasco in Moravia, NY, which is in the Finger Lakes, which is what got me thinking:

I’m at Camp Casowasco for a meeting to plan retreats for those affected by recent natural disasters. It’s not a mountain I see, but a lake with hill country in the distance. Not just hills, but farms.

Close by – on the shore – is Lakeside Chapel. It’s just wooden benches in a semi-circle with a rough cross. Far off to my left one of the Finger Lakes reaches.  I’ve known of the Finger Lakes since we moved into the region in 1976 but it just now hit me to think of the fingers as the hands of God. But there is no palm – n0 connection between the fingers.

Without providing the rest of the body of Christ there really is no body of Christ. We may just have the “feet of the messenger” on the mountains. Something to come in a promise, but something that does not yet exist.

… will we pull it together so the fingers become the “holy arm” and we reach out to comfort those who need help but may not be willing to seek it? Will we use the feet we have as the feet of the messenger or keep them warm by the fireplace?

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