Creation (Epiphany +1B)

The focus this week is clearly on the Holy Spirit – at creation, in baptism – and we’re used to the Mark baptism image of the Holy Spirit as a dove at Jesus’ baptism.

But let’s focus on the Genesis Spirit or wind, which is ruach in Hebrew. The earth was a formless void, completely dark. Imagine that darkness that existed before you were born, it is the universal womb – all potential.

Then God says, “Let there be light” and a great spark separates the darkness from light – your soul begins to form as some potential falls away. Maybe you lose rigid linear thinking and become creative instead or math is difficult and language easy. God creates you by having some potential separate into the darkness while others are exposed in the light.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine this moment of who God created you to be, who you could become. Now, begin with a black sheet of paper and depict this person.

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