Body is a Temple (Epiphany +2B)

Paul tells the Corinthians that “the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you” so we should not fornicate or eat whatever we want. He begins urging moderation but then tells us to “shun fornication!”

From Paul has come not honoring the body as a temple but an absolute ban against sex outside of marriage. Unfortunately, it has led to feelings of shame about our bodies and our natural sexual urges or our sensuality.

When the original temple was built it had stages or rooms of holiness. The first was just inside and was open to anybody, it was the area where you may have found people purchasing animals to sacrifice.

There was a second where women and children were not allowed and then the Holy of Holies were only the priests were allowed and the actual sacrifices took place.

So, let’s consider our body in these three stages: Who and what do we allow into the public space? Into the inner sanctuary? Into the holy of holies?

What part of us is available in the public space? In the inner sanctuary? In the holy of holies?

Now make a triptych or three-part piece of art depicting each of those rooms or stages.

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