Unclean Spirit (Epiphany +4B)

In Mark, the disciples and Jesus go to a synagogue where Jesus teaches and they meet resistance in “a man with an unclean spirit,” who acknowledges Jesus but asks if he has come to destroy them. We think of unclean spirit as demon possession but that’s not exactly what this passage reveals even though Jesus casts out the “unclean spirit.”

Consider this: the man knows Jesus is right but wants him to go away so their way of life won’t be destroyed. Just think of how many of us study the word of God but fulfill it only if it doesn’t inconvenience us too much. Ask yourself about the things your conscience nags you about and think of your resistance as your unclean spirit.

Now do a self-portrait and include the things your unclean spirit tells you in a word bubble. You have to name them, to acknowledge them, to get them out of you before you can change them.

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