Resist (Lent 1B)

As we enter Lent we have to adjust our mindset to think of preparing ourselves for the resurrection of Christ. In the early church it was when people were instructed in the faith so they could be baptized on Easter and be resurrected with Christ.

It means the focus of the Gospel isn’t on Jesus’ baptism but on the time of temptation that follows, which is so brief in Mark: “And the Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness. He was in the wilderness for forty days, temped by Satan; and he was with the wild beasts; and the angels waited on him.”

In order to resist temptation, you have to name your temptations. The biblical symbol of temptation is, of course, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So, begin by drawing a tree with a huge space at the top.

Now write one of your temptations in the space. Try to keep it to one or two words. You’ll know what it means so it doesn’t need a lengthy explanation. While thinking about how you can practically resist that temptation draw over it with any kind of fruit or shape you choose.

Add other temptations one by one and keep your tree as a reminder of what you’re resisting during Lent. Often after resisting for 40 days, we find we don’t crave it at all.

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One thought on “Resist (Lent 1B)

  1. Hello. splendid job. I did not expect this. This is a splendid story. Thanks!

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