Solomon’s request (Proper 15B)

In 1 Kings, the young Solomon becomes king after David dies and doesn’t know how he’s going to govern. He goes to Gibeon to sacrifice and has a dream where God asks Solomon what he wants.

Solomon begins his request by saying what God has done in his life and the life of David, he admits he is “only a little child” and doesn’t “know how to go out and come in,” he considers the gifts of the people around him and then asks for what he needs to govern.

Today, you’re going to be Solomon. Start my listing the times in your life when you felt God intervened or supported you. Think about times when the “logical” thing didn’t happen or there was a close call that could have been worse.

Now comes what for many of us is the hardest part. Admit you are a little child or need help because you can’t do everything on your own. Once you’ve done that, ask God for what you really need to better serve others.

To make it visual, type up your list of what God has done and use a light color or a low percentage of black (15-20%). Depict yourself praying at the bottom of the page and in larger, bolder letters than the background put your one-word request to God.

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