Birth pangs (Proper 28B)

As we near the end of the liturgical year, we hear passages about the end time and it is easy to try and read current events as some of the signs. But Jesus tells us not to listen to false prophets who lead us astray. So what do we do with this?

At the end of the passage, Jesus tells us there will be war, natural disasters and famine but this is not the end, it is “the beginning of the birth pangs.”

So let’s try looking at how they can be the beginning. What happens when you see images of children in war-torn countries? What about when you hear stories of people affected by natural disasters? How does that feel in your body? Write that down because you’re going to need to remember that.

Now, what are your gifts or things you enjoy doing? Doing ministry is how we use our gifts to help others. A prayer shawl ministry may seem like just an opportunity to gather with friends, but I’ve delivered those prayer shawls to people and seen the tears of gratitude in their eyes.

So how are those images, those stories of war, natural disaster and famine going to give birth to your ministry?

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3 thoughts on “Birth pangs (Proper 28B)

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