Good Wine (Epiphany +2C)

The Gospel of John was written 60-70 years after Jesus lived and it is written through a more divine and more sacramental lens than the other gospels. So when we read the wedding at Cana, we’re to understand that Jesus is the good wine and connect it to communion. “My hour has not yet come,” refers to Jesus’ ministry and crucifixion.

Your task for today is to put these meanings aside and find a more personal meaning. Print out the text on a landscaped piece of art paper. Several types can go through a printer once they are trimmed to 8.5×11. If you use one translation of the text, then the type will be about 22 points depending on your font. Use “force justification” so the text lines up on the left and right. At the end of the paragraph use a “soft return,” which is a return while holding down the shift key.

Take a deep breath and then slowly read through the text with a pencil in hand. Circle phrases that stick out to you. Do this a few times until nothing sticks out. Paint over the uncircled words. I used fluid acrylic mixed with acrylic glaze so I could still see the uncircled words, but not as clearly.

The passage mentions “six stone water-jars,” draw these in a couple of sizes onto a different piece of paper and think of six ways Jesus fills you. Draw something to symbolize each one on a different jar and decorate the jar.

Once the background paint dries, paste these on your painted text making sure the circled text isn’t covered. Add other decorations as you like but make sure the circled words remain visible.

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