Affirmed (Epiphany +4C)

This week’s Gospel is a continuation of last week’s after Jesus reads from the scroll of Isaiah announcing the year of Jubilee. Last week I asked you to write down you call. This week’s project comes from Jeremiah and Luke because they present two reasons we don’t follow our call: self-doubt and lack of affirmation.

Jeremiah told God “I am only a boy” when he was called. Sometimes we protest we aren’t good enough or that someone else is better. As small as you can write these thoughts onto the scroll from last week.

Jesus’ community says “Is not this Joseph’s son?” Because they don’t expect much from Jesus they are unable to be healed. Once again writing as small as you can, write the messages you’ve heard from others that kept you from following you call onto the scroll.

Not that you have your call in large writing and the reasons you resist in small, decorate the scroll to emphasize your call and making sure to cover over the words that keep you from fulfilling your call.

Keep this in front of you and then go forth and fulfill your call.

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