Temptations (Lent 1C)

In Luke 4, Jesus faces three temptations that you’re going to apply to your life.

The first was to put his stomach first. This is probably the hardest because we all have to eat, so what is the harm? The problem comes when we put everything else aside to feed our desires that go beyond our needs. So, taking out a piece of paper draw stones and write in them things that distract you from the life you feel called by God to lead. Don’t limit your self to physical things, sometimes it is our fear that keeps us from answering God.

The second for Jesus was to rule all of the countries. Few of us desire this, yet we often want people to do things our way and think the world would be better that way. This time, draw buildings and write in them your controlling impulses that you have to give up.

During Lent, these would be the two things you focus on giving up.

The third temptation for Jesus is to throw himself off the pinnacles trusting the angels will keep him from harm. The difficulty here is figuring out the difference between taking a leap of faith and over reliance on God to act. So draw yourself midair with the cliff edge nearby. And then underneath you include the people who help you on your faith journey and how you discern or decide when to take that leap of faith.

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