Like a Hen (Lent 2C)

Each gospel presents a different Jesus and Luke’s tends to be a social activist, this passage portrays him as someone who knew their works would get them killed. Jesus even refers to himself as a prophet, which doesn’t mean someone who predicts the future but is someone who speaks up for others even if it puts their own life at risk.

In the passage, Jesus laments the rejection of God’s prophets in Jerusalem, but he also expresses a desire to care for the people “as a hen gathers her brood under her wings.”

Today’s project begins with the news. Find a news story that makes you wonder what you can do. Print the photo that goes with it centered on a piece of paper.

Read the story and write any phrases that stick out to you on a piece of paper. The next instructions should be modified for your art materials. If you use a glaze, then use a white-tinted glaze to drop out the photo background even more. If the glaze and printer ink become fluid, brush it outward to blur the edges of the photo.

Once it’s dry, start adding some of the phrases from the story. Makes the ones that affected you more larger much like a word cloud. Set it aside while you look over Psalm 27, which is the psalm for the week. Is there a particular line that seems to best reflect what the people affected might pray? As small as you can, you’re going to write those while turning the art to create a prayer border.

Now ask yourself what you can do to help: write a letter to the editor or your legislator; donate time or money to an organization that does the kind of work needed (might even be mentioned in the story); share your art or talk to others about the story.

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