Believer’s Heart (Pentecost C)

It’s rare for a John passage, but this week’s, according to the Book of Common Prayer, contains a wonderful image for Pentecost Vigil. The passage states “Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.” It should be obvious that you’re going to create your believer’s heart with rivers flowing out of it, but what will those rivers be?

This Sunday is Pentecost, which is the one time we really focus on the Holy Spirit in the liturgical year. During the original Pentecost, the Holy Spirit flowed into the disciples and made them speak in languages that those around them could hear. Your artwork is going to be how the Holy Spirit flows out of you in your ministry to other people.

I’ve been playing with art journaling techniques lately, especially writing as part of the artwork. I can write rather small (about 4 points with a 005 permanent pen) and I use that to create the line of the image. There are two ways to add color. You can use watercolor to create where the water is going to be prior to adding the writing or you can use colored pencils to add the color afterwards. But you can’t use watercolor after doing the writing because it will bleed.

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