Creation (Trinity C)

Trinity Sunday is meant to have us reflect on the Trinity (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit), so it shapes the way we are supposed to read the passages. For instance, Proverbs 8 was one of the passages used by the Church Fathers to establish Jesus was present at the beginning of time. There’s only one problem – the personification of wisdom and understanding in Proverbs 8 is female, which is clear in vs. 1-4.

Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31

Throughout the centuries, artists have depicted historical figures in the clothing of their time. So if you want to depict “Wisdom” as a geek or nerd go ahead. I’m going to be depicting her nude as chaos swirls around her.

Psalm 8

This psalm places humanity above the animals of the field, air and sea and “but little lower than the angels.” Yet the concept of dominion over animals has led to our abuse of the earth and animals. So for my art, I’m going to place the animals and humans on the same level and ask “What is humanity that you are mindful of us?” It’s a bit of a companion to the Proverbs piece with order replacing chaos.

John 16:12-15

Begin by outlining the word TRUTH on a piece of paper. Slowly read over the John passage. Then read it again after asking yourself each question: What truth has been revealed to me? How has that truth been revealed? What does that truth mean for how I should live my life? Then write your responses on the sheet of paper. You can write around the edge and close in on the word TRUTH or you can write in diagonals and turn the page each time you hit a border. When you’re done color the word TRUTH. Or you can use this file Truth to begin with. This can be an individual or group project.

Romans 5:1-5

This prompt should not be completed quickly since it is Paul’s description of the healing process. He writes that our suffering leads to endurance, which builds character and leads us to hope. You’re going to begin with an image of suffering. This can be from a newspaper, maybe a medical drawing of a part of your body that has been afflicted, or even a photo you might take of a wound or scar. Write about your suffering on the image in black or change colors with each sentence. You may want to overlap your writing. You may write around the medical drawing. Then walk away from it.

When you return to it, the first thing you’re going to do is use a thin layer of paint over the writing – you want it to be there, but not quite there. Let that dry. Then in larger, maybe white, letters write how it was you endured. What gave you strength? Who helped you heal? Any phrases that stick out? Then walk away.

The next focus is on how the experience built your character. Write this around the edge to create a border.

And, finally, hope. Outline HOPE nice and big in the center. You can either paint them in or paint around them so the background shows through the letters.

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