Authority (Proper 4C)

1 Kings 18:20-39

Elijah builds an altar for his sacrifice from 12 stones for each of the 12 tribes of Israel. In the Christian tradition, an altar is a table that usually has a cross on it and is present to receive our offerings. Occasionally, we add symbols to it for the season or special Sundays.

Create your own altar with symbols of your ministry on it. Be creative since only you are God need to understand what the symbols. mean.

BeePsalm 96

This week’s psalm focuses on God’s power and splendor as well as the whole earth rejoicing. Take a photo you have of a place where God feels especially close, print it out and add phrases from the psalm.

Or take an art walk paying close attention to the spring blooms around you and photographing them, then print them out and display them.

Galatians 1:1-12

The key to Galatians is understanding Paul was trying to establish authority for his teachings over what other disciples, who may have learned from Jesus’ disciples, were teaching. Imagine you are Paul when he receives his revelation and draw Jesus speaking from the clouds. Write what he teaches you around the image.

Luke 7:1-10

This is an exercise in journaling or creative writing that lead to a prayer. You can just respond to the questions or use them to write a story. Imagine you are the centurion, what need would you ask Jesus to take care of? Who would you send to plead your case and what would they say? On second thought, why would you not seek help for Jesus? How would you express your faith that Jesus knows best?

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