Yael’s Peg – Syria

When it comes to my faith, there are three tenets I fall back on:
1. The Greatest Commandment – to love your neighbor as you love yourself.
2. The Letter of James’ statement that “faith without works is dead.’
3. From the Jewish tradition: Pray as if everything depends on God; act as if everything depends on you.

This isn’t my normal post, but I thought I would share since it comes from my practice of praying with the news. The Scripture reference is Judges 4 and the prayer/poem was written several years ago.

Yael’s Peg  – Sisera

Sisera fled the battle
he started and sought
the tent of Yael.
The peg of Yael found its way
through Sisera’s temple.

It was the work of one
to end oppression.

How do we stop a foe who kills when the oppressed revolt;
when the oppressing force is not being supported by the people
but the delusions of one man in power?

How do you turn away while nerve agents are used on children?
Isn’t loving our neighbor punishing those causing their suffering?
How can prayer be enough?

How do you not respond?

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