Know the Lord (Proper 24C)

Jeremiah 31:27-34
I want to focus on verse 34 today and how we personally know God instead of how God has been taught to us. Take out a piece of paper and several different colored pens or pencils. You’re going to respond to a series of questions by writing on the paper in different colors and rotating the page as you go. When I do this, I like to start at a 45° angle and write until I hit an edge, then spin the paper and write to an edge. As the paper fills in, I start turning when I bump into other writing. Feel free to mix up turning the paper right or left. You might even begin each answer at an edge and collide with your other answers. Do not use your black pen!
1. How have you learned about God from others?
2. What have you learned about God from others?
3. What about God makes you uncomfortable?
4. What does God’s steadfast love mean to you?
Once you have the background filled in, take out your black pen and create a border and then write “Know the Lord” in the center. Then sit quietly with your image and think of what you know about God.

Psalm 119:97-104
Read the psalm slowly several times. Try pausing between each verse to let them sink in. One of the faith statements make stick out to you more than others. Put it on a piece of paper and repeat it to yourself while doodling around the word. As you doodle, your mind will wander. Let it as your unconscious helps you find why the statement stuck out to you.

2 Timothy 3:14-4:5
First, this letter was not written by Paul but people who followed Paul and used his name to add authority to what they wrote. Second, it was written as a letter to a person that would have circulated around the church but the person who wrote it did not think it was Scripture. With that in mind, read the entire passage asking “What is truth?”
I wanted to draw your attention to verses 16-17 because it highlights the purpose of Scripture. Print those verses out and create a border with the good works you do. Then doodle into the blank space while considering which Scriptures inspire you to do good works.

Luke 18:1-8
Take out a sheet of paper and write “What is prayer?” at the time. Set a timer for 10 minutes and keep your hand moving as you answer that question. Don’t worry about repeating yourself or feeling like you’re on a tangent. If you find yourself stuck, rewrite the question. The most important thing is to keep you hand moving.
Then sit quietly for 5 minutes. Take out a different colored pen and reread what you wrote while underlining anything that sticks out to you. Transfer those phrases to a different sheet of paper and explore them through more journaling or while doodling.

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