Good Fight (Proper 25C)

Joel 2:23-32
For two years I worked at the Anna Howard Shaw Center, where we give out buttons that proclaim “your daughters shall prophesy” along with Joel. On Facebook recently, there was a post to a United Nations campaign that highlighted what came up in a Google search when you typed in “women should not.” The third result was “women should not preach.”
I want to direct your attention to verses 28-29 and all of the people who God will pour out the Holy Spirit on. In short, everybody – male, female, old, young, free, slave, you.
Today’s project is one where you put yourself in it and ask for God for the Holy Spirit to pour into you – to transform you and guide you where you can best serve God and others. You can write your own request or write the first verse of Spirit of the Living God as the background to your image and then put a picture, drawing, caricature of paper doll of yourself in the foreground.

2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18
Verse 7 appears quite a bit in our society to encourage people to “fight the good fight.” I want to use it as a journal prompt. Time yourself for five minutes each on the following questions:
1. What makes a good fight?
2. What does it mean to finish the race?
3. How do I keep the faith?
As always, keep your hand moving the entire five minutes even if you are just rewriting the question. Then set your writing aside for at least an hour before returning to it and underlining the phrases you wrote that stick out to you.
Create your own inspirational poster by writing those phrases in various colors as your background and verse 7 in white or black larger letters.

Luke 18:9-14
While the parable has clear distinctions between the Pharisee and tax collector, most of us are a little like both of them. We realize we have failings, but we compare them to the failings of others to make ourselves look good.
At the end of the day, write down all of the times you have been like the Pharisee and said, “Thank God I am not like …” With each one pray, “God, be merciful to me, a sinner!” By reflecting on the times you have fallen short, you should be able to stop yourself in the future.

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