Year C plans

It has been a long, long, long time since I posted.

I spent Year B fine-tuning a process of lectio divina for creating artwork and created 75 6″ quilt blocks for the year. The first year of a new spiritual discipline in always the hardest because you’re still working the kinks out. There were weeks when I just couldn’t figure out what to do with the passages that would work on fabric. Some times my blocks were too small since I was using patchwork to create sections. And there was the stamp fiasco when I just couldn’t get the lettering the right size to be decorative. That was followed by me freehanding the lettering, which was doomed from the start since I don’t have the greatest handwriting.

P17 Mark 7

Proper 17B – muslin with acrylic, watercolor pencil and embroidery.

All in all, it wasn’t until halfway through Ordinary Time before I really felt comfortable with the results. That would also be about the time I realized there was no way I could make an 80-block wall quilt where you could concentrate on a single square.

As Year C rolled around, I decided to step things up a notch by applying my techniques to fabric and paper. I also decided to play with the soft pastels I’ve been toting around for years. Each week my goal is to create three pieces of art. So far I’ve been doing good.

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