Thinking ahead … (paper)

Last year I decided to start playing around with mixed media paper. Over the last year, I’ve mostly painted papers using wall painting tools like 4″ rollers of various textures. I would gather a few similar color fluid acrylics and add to fluid matte medium or soft gel medium. The rollers didn’t put down a clean line so it looked pretty cool and blended randomly.

Occasionally I use wallpaper as a stencil. I cut out part of the pattern and then roll the paint on. On the plus side, I then put another sheet of paper on top and roll with a brayer, which lifts the paint from the wallpaper onto the second sheet. I do something similar with floor tiles to get a variety of grid shapes. These are then filed away by color and cut into graphic shapes when needed.

Recently I’ve been playing with inks, which work best with watercolor paper. I use the inks or fluid acrylics with air brush medium to create a background that has more subtle shading than my home decorating tools provide.

Although I think the coolest was when I printed out Roger Williams’ deed to use as Jeremiah’s deed, added a wash and glued other paper in shapes.

These images are then scanned and become a contemplative card after text is added. My goal for this year is to be more consistent in the techniques I use so the images are more cohesive as a set. But I know the first year is all about playing with materials and techniques.


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