Epiphany +3A

epiphany-3a-isaiah-9-paperAlong with the quilt blocks I create each week, I make a piece of art out of paper. I use paper because I’m handier with scissors and an X-acto knife than a paint brush.

When I take my notes on the passage, I make a note of what I want the background to resemble. For instance, this week I wanted a stormy sky so I wanted blues and blacks in the background. I began with a piece of paper that already had blue on it that came from pressing it against a different background while it was still damp.

I like using drawing inks and brushing them on to fill a background so I added purple and neutral gray to the sheet where there wasn’t any color yet. I also overlapped the color randomly. I let that dry and then added blue fluid acrylic with an air brush medium as a wash. Sometimes I brush a layer in one direction with long strokes, then turn the paper 90° and brush the same way so turning the paper keeps stripes from forming in the background. If it seems like the background is too regular, then I may turn the paper another 90°.

Any extra ink or paint is brushed onto a smaller piece of paper that I file away to use for pieces that I cut and glue into place like the broken yoke for this week.

Prompts from the Past

Green Foot, Red Foot (Matthew 4:12-23)

Take off your shoe and trace it onto a piece of paper, then photocopy it at 75% onto green construction paper to pass out to the congregation. Ask members to share their gifts on the feet and leave them behind.

Next week give them red feet where so they can write what keeps them from sharing their gifts. Then match up the feet by matching handwriting and display them as a path.

Isaiah 9:1-4

The text starts with darkness and moves to light, so take out a black piece of paper and light colored pastels or crayons. Let your hand swirl and create shapes while you think about moving from darkness to light. Play with the materials and blend the colors together.

1 Corinthians 1:10-18

Paul is irritated at the Corinthians when he writes this text because they aren’t as unified as he would like.  Yet division began about what it meant to be Christian even before the Jesus followers started referring to themselves as Christians. In the middle of a page write “I belong to Christ” in big, bold letters. Then starting around the edge, journal what that means to you. You can turn the page until you reach the center, which creates a readable spiral. Or you can change angles whenever you bump into an edge or line of text, which can be difficult to read at a later time.

Matthew 4:12-23

Take out a sheet of paper and divide it into squares as if it was a fishing net. Don’t worry about them being perfect squares, you might even arch the lines to create more of a diamond shape. Randomly journal in the squares answering the questions making sure to pause between writing each response:

  1. How do I feel called to follow Jesus?
  2. What keeps me from following Jesus?
  3. What are my gifts or strengths?
  4. Why don’t I share them?
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