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This blog is usually updated on Tuesday to go with the Revised Common Lectionary passages for the following Sunday. It draws on biblical scholarship, spiritual disciplines, art journaling, spiritual guidance and art therapies techniques. It can be used by individuals or as an art-based Sunday school class. Some projects can be done quickly, some will take several days. I have tried to keep the supplies simple because the focus isn’t so much on learning to create art as it is as spiritual journey and spiritual discipline.

By the time I complete this, I will have prompts for the Hebrew Bible/Acts, Epistle and Gospel passages for each week. I did do the psalms for awhile but found I was recommending the same activity so that’s a separate page now. That means by May 2016 I should have all of these prompts completed and the blog will be a continual resource.


I spent many years in daily newspapers and then four years as a pastor. I have two master’s degrees: divinity and sacred theology. My ministry is to communities that have been affected by trauma. I can do this partly because  my spiritual disciplines constantly allow me to reconnect with God or because I have an outlet for my second-hand trauma.

I am an introvert so you won’t find much personal on this blog, but I also do that because the focus should be on the projects so you can adopt them.

My journals/storage

I began keeping a lectionary-based journal in 2006 when I began writing a single page on each lectionary passage. After three years, I wrote two pages on each possible combination (Hebrew Bible/Acts with Gospel; Epistle with Gospel and Hebrew Bible/Acts with Epistle). This blog is part of my third time through but I’ve also decided to start doing an art journal response by using different art supplies since the different colors, methods and properties should elicit different reflections. So beginning with Advent 2013, I will be working with markers in various sizes on Wednesday, watercolor and colored pencils on Thursday, soft pastels on Friday and oil pastels on Saturday. I selected these because they are fairly neat, portable, can be purchased cheap and have distinct qualities to them. They can also be used on mixed media paper so I don’t have to purchase several types of paper.

Because I worked as a pastor for awhile, I have file boxes for each lectionary year with folders for each week. After finishing each piece of art, I will file them away. One of the reasons I like working with the lectionary is it means I return to the same Scripture three years later with more knowledge and experience and can see how I have changed in three years. If my art journaling works, I will change mediums in three years but I’ll have the first ones to build off of.

Final note

The important thing to remember about Scripture is that each time you come to it you will notice different things. How you read it one time may be completely different from how you read it another. You may notice a phrase or character you’ve never noticed before.  Keep this in mind when reading the prompts because you may be attracted to something completely different than what I was. And that’s OK.

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