Trinity A – Three in One

Cover1 SWAEach year at this time, pastors are trying to figure out how to explain the Trinity. I decided to play around with the three primary colors (red, blue and yellow) to make art.

I began by taping down a blank sheet of mixed media paper and used Sennelier Abstract Acrylics because the paint comes in a squeezable pouch with changeable tips. I made large sweeping motions with the yellow (God) and red (Jesus), then used a three-prong tip to make the lines for the blue (Holy Spirit).

At this point, I could have used a brayer or any paint spreader on a roller. But I wanted to play with a roller designed for stamping. I have two rollers that have dotted lines on them in different sizes. I started with the smaller dots and went in horizontal and vertical lines.

Cover2 SWAI realized I had a lot more paint than I needed so I pulled out another sheet of paper, placed it carefully over the first and rubbed with my hands. I rolled more lines, then switched to the large dots for the first sheet.

Then I scanned in the image, flipped as described last week and created my journal cover for this week.

I think it makes in interesting visual for the three colors (aspects of the Trinity) becoming more than the original colors.

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