Eternal Journal

These PDFs are supplied free of charge with the pages designed based on my journaling practice and suggestions from a Facebook group. I can’t accept payment because they include the New Revised Standard Version and Common English Bible texts, however, you can make a donation to UMCOR if you feel you need to offer something.

I call these eternal journals because you are not meant to complete them in one week, but set them aside and return to them in three years. My first time through I wrote single pages with each passage, the second time through I wrote two pages with combined passages. I’ve created artwork, wrote bad song lyrics, prayed with the news and other practices. Currently, I am quite fascinated by using poetry forms as a spiritual discipline. You can use the poetry to create text for art journal pages.

I’ve supplied the PDFs both as individual weeks (36 pages) and the Advent season. The pages are designed on 9×12 with extra space on the inside for stapling or binding. I print my pages from Acrobat using the booklet setting and double-sided each week. I add one of my covers printed on mixed media paper and staple at the center. You can also use a spiral binder or small 3-ring binder after cutting the sheets in half. Or you can print larger if you don’t use the booklet setting. The bonus to using a 3-ring binder is that you can add pages easily.

There are a few to choose from:

  1. Journal – Includes the idea sheet for artwork, basic page set-up with shaded space for prayers, outlines for five poetry forms, blanks for art journaling, questions and notes pages. Advent Journal, Advent 1B Journal, Advent 2B Journal, Advent 3B Journal, Advent 4B Journal, Christmas II Journal, Christmas +1B Journal,
  2. Devotional journal – Includes the idea sheet for artwork, basic page set-up with shaded space for prayers, outlines for two poetry forms, devotionals I wrote the first time through with space for thoughts, blanks for art journaling and a notes page. Advent Devotional Journal, Advent 1B Devotional Journal, Advent 2B Devotional Journal, Advent 3B Devotional Journal, Advent 4B Devotional Journal, Christmas II Devotional Journal, Christmas +1B Devotional Journal,
  3. Music journal – Includes outlines for two poetry forms, blank page to attach hymn lyrics, sung theology question guide based on Brian Wren’s Praying Twice, basic page set-up with shaded space for prayers, lyric writing pages, pre-writing page, and an evaluation page. Advent Music Journal, Advent 1B Music Journal, Advent 2B Music Journal, Advent 3B Music Journal, Advent 4B Music Journal, Christmas II Music Journal, Christmas +1B Music Journal,
  4. Preachers journal – Includes the idea sheet for artwork, basic page set-up with shaded space for prayers, pages to outline sermon, pages for quotes and notes. There are two additional PDFs – additional quotes and notes pages and scriptorium pages for handwriting the texts. Advent Preachers Journal, Advent 1B Preachers Journal, Advent 2B Preachers Journal, Advent 3B Preachers Journal, Advent 4B Preachers Journal, Christmas II Preachers Journal, Christmas +1B Preachers Journal,
    Quotes and Notes, Scriptorium.
  5. Story journal – Includes sensory prompts page (expanded later), basic page set-up with shaded space for prayers, rewrite page to focus on key events, space for a short story, and evaluation pages. Advent Story Journal, Advent 1B Story Journal, Advent 2B Story Journal, Advent 3B Story Journal, Advent 4B Story Journal, Christmas II Story Journal, Christmas +1B Story Journal,

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