Other resources

Here are some other resources that follow the lectionary:

Vanderbilt Divinity Library is the best place to find the lectionary texts for the week with the dates. They also have prayers and art (classical to modern) available for use in church.

Pitts Theology Library at Emory University has an amazing collection of woodcuts or book illustrations that they’ve matched to the lectionary.

Storypath by Union Presbyterian Seminary and the William Smith Morton Library selects and reviews mostly children and youth books that follow the lectionary. They even include faith questions.

Worshiping With Children by Carolyn C. Brown builds on her books.

Jan Richardson’s The Painted Prayerbook contains meditations and abstract artwork she has created.

Good News for the Diaspora has pencil artwork created for bulletin covers by Sharon Geiser with a focus on the Gospel that I’ve always liked.

And some blogs:

Susan Forshey’s Contemplative Cottage features spiritual practices such as visio divina (derived from holy reading  or lectio divina), and reflections. Hope you enjoy!

While not an “art” blog, Kelly Karges‘ reflections offer a personal perspective.

And a Website:

I actually read the book, Praying in Color, a few years ago but now there’s a Website you can check out.

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